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WHAT to do while waiting for GS-441524 to arrive?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Get started immediately with symptomatic treatments. Veterinarians will typically prescribe steroids or antibiotics medication and other supplements for the cat before GS treatment. The difference between antibiotics and steroids is that antibiotics are anti-bacterial to kill or stop the growth of bacteria or infections whereas steroids, on the other hand, are inflammatory and anti-allergic.

Normally cats with FIP have a high level of inflammation in their body. Steroid to help control the inflammation inside the cat's body. Oftentimes doctors also prescribed antibiotics for FIP cats because antibiotics are used to treat or prevent bacterial infection. They work by killing bacteria or preventing them from reproducing and spreading. Antibiotics stop bacteria from reproducing and destroys them as well. It can be used to protect cats against secondary infections.

Although antibiotics can be used for treatment, Fluoroquinolone's class of antibiotics are not recommended to be used along with GS441524 treatment. Based on some recent studies, fluorine is claimed to be toxic to the central nervous system (CNS). This in turn may cause cats to have neurological symptoms.

If your cat is having fever, fever medication or injection is needed from your doctor. Both steroids and antibiotics can be used along with our FIP treatment.


Is your cat’s organ functioning at 100%? It is time to consider supplements that will strengthen your cat’s organs such as liver, and kidney. Strong organs will help your cat recover faster and strengthen his natural immune resistance to FIP. We consider Vitamin B12, Kidney and liver supplements essential for FIP infected cats. You may refer to our previous blog about the importance of vitamin B12 for FIP cat here. Many cats’ kidneys and liver are damaged by FIP virus. Supplements such as Silymarin (milk thistle) help your cat recover faster from these damages.

If your doctor did not prescribe any medication, you may ask them to prescribe supplements that are beneficial to boost liver and kidney functions. The blood test result may also indicate additional areas that need attention. Alternatively, you may also consult our treatment expert for the appropriate supplements for your cat. Please have your cat’s blood test result ready so we may give you the best advice.


Is your cat eating and drinking normally? Food and hydration is a critical part of supportive treatment during FIP. The best food to provide for your cat during FIP treatment is freshly cooked fish, chicken and beef. If your cat has diarrhoea, switch to dry cat food for a few days until diarrhoea stops. If your cat is not eating well, force feed by liquifying the food in a blender and using a syringe to feed him. A cat's body needs nutrition and hydration to help maintain his immune system. Avoid snacking during FIP treatment. Snacks may affect the blood test values later on.


Stress will further weaken your cat’s already fragile immune system that is the last line of defence against FIP. So keep him relaxed and sooth by letting him stay in his favorite places, keep him and give him favorite food. A happy relaxed cat is a cat that is willing to fight for its life. If your house has other cats, separate your FIP cat from other cats as other cats might cause stress to the cat with FIP. Comfort your cat when needed to help your cat feel comfortable and avoid continuing to comfort your cat if your cat rejects it. It is important to determine the cause of your cat’s stress. Observe and take note when the symptoms start and take action to reduce the source of stress, whether it is physical, environmental or psychological.


FIP is an immune mediated disease. Hence boosting the immune system is not recommended. Boosting the immune system will cause quick replication of FIPV. L-lysine, an ingredient that is often used in immune boosting, is also not recommended.

L-lysine prevents arginine from being taken up in the body; a necessity for a good, healthy immune system. Arginine is crucial for a healthy, functioning immune system.

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