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"Our Basmi FIP™ treatment specialists provide consultations, ensuring your cat achieves a rapid and complete recovery. Contact us by scanning the QR code. Let's heal your cat TODAY!"

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BASMI FIP™ saves an average of 6 FIP cats in the Philippines daily.

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FIP cats have a mortality rate of ~96%. Our antiviral treatment provides recovery within 3-5 days.  

Delay only prolongs FIP treatment length and lowing success rate! 

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a fatal disease in cats caused by Feline Coronavirus (FCoV). Previously known to be incurable, FIP can now be effectively treated with the antiviral drug GS-441524. With a success rate of 92% in clinical trials, GS-441524 is used in both injection and oral capsule forms to treat FIP.

FIP affects an estimated 2-5% of the global feline population annually and is fatal if untreated, with a mortality rate of approximately 96%. This extremely dangerous disease poses a significant threat to cats worldwide. However, with the right treatment methods, cat owners can save their beloved friends affected by this disease.

FIP Cats
FIP Virus in Cats

FIP Treatment in Cats

FIP Treatment Options

Injections are the most reliable treatment option for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Start your FIP treatment with injections to achieve rapid improvements. Visible signs of recovery within 5 days.

Pills offer convenience and easy administration for home based FIP treatment. 

Use our oral pill only for non-severe FIP infections, and when your cat is eating and defecating normally.

GS-441524, developed through the work of Dr. Niels Pedersen, is a highly effective antiviral drug for the treatment of FIP in cats. As proven in clinical trials, this drug has a success rate of more than 92% in treating cats with FIP.

This innovative treatment method has been successfully applied to Wet and Dry FIP strains, as well as Neurologic and Ocular FIP strains. At Basmi FIP™, we are collaborating with doctors and cat owners to make GS-441524 available for FIP treatment across the Philippines, aiming to save more cat lives together.



Intermittent fever, slight loss of appetite, weight loss, and lethargy.


Worsening of early stage symptoms

bloated belly (ascites) , anaemia, diarrhoea or jaundice.


Worsening of mid stage symptoms

stopped eating, cloudy eyes, loss of coordination or paralysis.

Alexa Young, CA

Unti-unti nang bumabalik ang lakas ni Katsumi, nagiging active and mas responsive na rin siya dahil sa consistent na pag take ng BASMI FIP .

Dalia Arcasitas

average rating is 5 out of 5

Why Basmi FIP is the #1 brand in SE Asia?

Delivery Guarantee

At Basmi FIP, we prioritize your convenience and peace of mind. That's why we offer a steadfast delivery guarantee, ensuring that every order is delivered directly to your doorstep, promptly and securely.

Refund Guarantee

We offer refunds on all unopened bottles in the event that your cat could not be saved from FIP by our GS-441524 treatment. We do this because we are confident in the quality and effectiveness of our treatment.

Relapse Guarantee

A relapse occurs in approximately 3% of cats that have undergone Basmi FIP™ treatment program. For cat owners who may be concerned about future relapse, we have formulated a clear Relapse Policy to inform you what to do step by step.

money back

30 DAY

Our FIP treatment will save your cat.  In the rare incidences where our treatment doesn't save your cat from FIP, we offer full refund on all unopened injection vials or oral packets.

FIP Treatment Knowledge


Founded in 2019, BASMI FIP™ is dedicated to combating Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and preventing feline deaths across Asia. Inspired by Dr. Niels Pedersen's groundbreaking clinical study in the United States, we have successfully aided over 13,000 cat owners and veterinarians in treating FIP. Once considered a fatal disease, our innovative treatment now boasts an 92% success rate in the Philippines.


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